Youth Council Meeting – May 2018

The NKDC Apprenticeship scheme, recycling plastics and keeping healthy were hot topics at the May 10th Youth Council meeting hosted by North Kesteven Academy.

The Youth Council assisted the apprentices with their Youth Engagement and Employment project by completing a survey. The findings from the survey will be reported back to the NKDC Executive Board at the end of May.

NKDC Health trainer Debbie Chessum gave an interesting talk, which gave the group an opportunity to find out about her role, and how they could assist with health issues facing young people today.

Following an interest in Sustainablilty at previous meetings, Tamara Walters from NKDC took the opportunity to discuss the current topic of plastics and land fill waste, and how the group could assist in reducing this waste. Keen interest was shown in the app and how this can be widely promoted.

The discussion also lent itself to the ongoing Rainworks project, which is reaching out to Primary Schools following its success in Secondary schools last year,  and the NK Fest -let your talent shine – An opportunity to recognise the talent in NK. To find out more visit

Youth Council Meeting – February 2018

Fifteen members joined us for the first meeting of the year which took place on Thursday 1st February 2018.

One of the highlights of the morning was a visit from the Leader of the Council, Cllr Richard Wright and Deputy Leader Cllr Sue Howe. This gave the group an opportunity to talk about what was important to young people today and how initiatives could be tackled

Discussions led on how YouthNK could spread health & wellbeing messages in schools, how they could support young people with mental health issues, sustainability, the rainworks project, showcasing Talent in NK and bridging the generation gap between young and old.

A visit from the team working on the NK digital hubs gained valuable information from the young people and how they could get the opportunity to be involved in the hubs.

With lots of projects in the pipeline, the Rainworks project will soon be rolled out in primary schools in North Kesteven, with keen members of the youth council involved.

Another exciting project being planned is the showcasing of talent within the field of dance, drama art and music. Auditions are being planned at five venues across the District, have your chance to shine. If selected by our panel, the opportunity to show your talent as part of the Armed Forces Centenary event on 1st July will be yours!

Keep an eye out for further details.

The next meeting will be held on Thursday 10th May 2018.