Our first meeting of the year went off with a bang – full of ideas and debate. The group focused their attention on three main topics; a Careers Fair, the Sustainability Policy and how to extend their reach to the public on social media.

The Careers Fair was an idea brought to the Youth Council to help young people across the district who are struggling to decide on their future – it would open up wider discussion, and offer more information on job and apprenticeship opportunities rather than having a main focus on universities.

Unanimously the group thought that workshops from various professions; such as dance, bricklaying, plumbing, acting etc…. would be as beneficial as having the option to talk to a range of employers and find out about the different pathways open to them – making the day more active and attracting more people. The YC felt this was a good thing to support and would really benefit the young people of North Kesteven.

The Sustainability Policy considers how an approach is taken in getting rid of single use plastics. We have the opportunity to support this through our schools and are backing the initiative by convincing them to use alternative resources instead. We want to make sure that there is less rubbish going through the land field sites and make a small but meaningful contribution to the world.

Finally, the discussion we had about social media lead to the creation of our new Instagram account- @youthnk1. We have decided to move away from Facebook and Twitter as our messages on these mediums can be voiced through the Council’s Official pages/accounts.

The majority of our target audience are likely to have an Instagram account, and we agreed it would allow us to reach out to them. We also talked about revamping our website, updating it to fit our new members.

We are looking forward to the year ahead.

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